Customized based on your condition and health needs, your Finch Health treatment plan could include any combination of extensive list of available therapies.

As a non-pharmacological motif of care, Chiropractics is safe and non-invasive. In many patient it is the correct therapy to prevent muscle and joint pain. At Finch Health Group, our dedicated chiropractors will aid you in restoring the full range of motions to your damaged joints. As well they will enhance the proper alignment of your bones and joints. This continuous care that is provided helps you feel better than you’ve ever felt before at the end of your recovery. Chiropractic treatments are effective in pain resonating from your neck, back, pelvis, and other joints. Our chiropractors can use a wide spectrum of treatment to best aid your recovery. The most effective of these treatments are manipulative therapies and chiropractic adjustments. Adjustments are painless, and safe. They are performed by applying controlled pressure to restore the normal alignment of bones in your body. In doing so, they effectively decrease pain and muscle tightness, while increasing your range of motion. As well chiropractors perform, non-invasive treatments that target various soft tissues. These treatments include shockwave, therapeutic exercises, and lifestyle counseling. All staff in the Finch Health Group team work carefully, with each other deliver you the best treatment possible.
At some point in our lives, we have all experienced problems with our feet. With custom orthotics we can improve all of that. Custom orthoics offers the physical support that your feet needs to prevent injury. The chiropractors at Finch Health Group will custom cast your feet, to create the perfect orthotic that helps ease away that pain. Pain is weakness leaving the body, We help you rid yourself of weakness and pain.
Massage Therapy is great way relieve the pain and stress from day to day aches and muscle tensions. However it is also beneficial in treating illness and injury, and also aids in preventing injury. Therapeutic massages from our Finch Health Group registered massage therapist, acts as a invaluable aspect of your health treatment plan. The overall therapy creates helps to revitalize and alleviate your soreness and aches. They also serve to:

- Increase blood flow
- Increase the range of motion of your joints
- Enhance your immune system.

Massage therapy aids is beneficial to everyone regardless of age. Come ask us how massage therapy can benefit your overall health.